Changing your site.. one line at a time.

Principals of Effective Design

There are three main considerations
in producing an effective design.

First of all, naturally you would want the design to be appealing to your target audience. The visual appearance of the site should closely reflect your business image. The visitor should feel he's arriving at your website without reading a word of it. The customer should feel at home on your site. The experience should be aesthetically pleasing, inviting them to return again and again.

Second, the design has to be functional. Navigation should be easy to use and the pages should be easily readable. Content should be structured in easily digestable segments to retain the visitor's interest. And you need to have quality content! Bells, whistles and the such should not exist unless they are truly necessary. User interfaces should be clean, self-explanatory and dummy-proof.

Third, the code of the design should be well thought-out and valid to display properly across different browser platforms. Your fancy design won't do much good for you if it only works with Interweb Exploder 4.8. Within the limits of current mainstreams browsers, we produce code that validates against the recommendations of the WWW Consortium.

Aside developing designs from a scratch, we build appealing skins for popular scripts, such as the various bulletin boards, e-commerce applications and image galleries out there. In cooperation with our partners, we also produce original artwork.